It’s the second week of the school holidays which means science projects for my girl’s to be completed by the end of the holidays and handed in when they return to school. This of course means that the whole family gets involved with the selection of projects, the gathering of materials and the compiling of the presentation of the project……………weird hey, afterall it is the girl’s project!!!!!

 Now my youngest daughter has done her project on the solar powered hot dog maker, which cooks the dogs via reflection of solar heat from a convex panel of cardboard covered in aluminium foil. Easy, very attractive and it works!!!!!

 The older daughter wanted some inspiration and asked me what I had done my project on when I was at school, to which I answered……..pig shit! Yep the good old pig poo powered methane gas production. She laughed hysterically and said she was going to do much the same…….like father like daughter it seems!!!!! So she compiled a written outline where she was going to compare the production of methane gas from dog poo as compared to the production of methane gas from household rubbish, like vegetable peels and leftover bread. All and good but she wanted to be able to measure the amount of gas each sample was producing. Not that easy when methane is an invisible & odourless gas!!!!!

So the Human excellence exercise here was to go lateral with our thinking………we had no means to measure gas production……….what could we do to WOW the scientific school teacher’s minds……..hhhmmmmm??????

In one jar was a large solid dog nugget -v- a jar filled with kitchen waste………so lateral we went…….it became a visual scientific test of which material broke down the fastest thereby indicating which material was generating the methane gas the quickest……….now I don’t know if that had any scientific base but it sounded pretty good……..looked interesting jar contents wise, and translated well onto the project cardboard……….so lateral thinking paid off again………and if you are interested about the mark for the project……..keep watching this space!!!!



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