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When I read about the Darren Rowse’s “Blog Goals - Group Writing Project” I thought that I would re-evaluate my own blogging goals as well as offering a goal setting formula that is taken from my book.

Here is the link to the Goalsetting section of my book I know you will find useful. To use it for blogging goals is no different than any other goals. Enjoy!

The ASPs take the process of goal setting to a higher level. Goals are terrific but unfortunately they
don’t have any defined action steps to take them through to completion, so at times goals can be just wish lists.
Don’t get me wrong, goals are great to have. I used to have goal lists for many years and enjoyed going through and crossing off various items that had been achieved during the course of my life. Some items on my goal list are still there as ‘wishes’ so I have had to consider them over again to see if they are still important to me. For the goals in my life I still desire, I have created ASPs.

You will firstly need to specify what you want. You need to specify it in clear and positive terms using emotive language. Your statement must be in positive language. That is by saying, “I want” not “I don’t want”. The brain and neurology respond to positive stimulus.

The next step is to list any stumbling blocks that may delay or stop you achieving what you want to achieve and to turn those stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

For the next step, Action Steps, start with the end in sight and work back to the present. Take into consideration the stumbling blocks you have listed as they may create action steps that we need to list and attend to.

Noticings are the next step. This is where we look for the habits that are popping up in our lives which attempt to stop or prevent our success. The more aware we become of the habits that slow or prevent our success the more ability we have to combat or overcome them totally. As you progress from one ASP to the next you will be able to apply some of your past noticings.

Next embrace the world of the full neurology visualisation experience for success!

This should be enough for you to tackle your own Action Success Plan … if not click on the book on the right and it is yours for a few shillings!


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