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"The 7 Simple Secrets to Success"



by peter HILAN
it is simple to read and understand. it is easy to follow and apply.  it is richly rewarding.  it should be compulsory reading for all high school and university students. i hope that my competitors dont read it !

by Kyle Potter
Great, easy read that provides an awesome guide to life and living. Can we get this into our schools? A must read for all that provides excellent direction.
7 Simple Secrets to Success [ No Rating ] 12 Jul 2006 

by John Lester
short/concise and to the point. Good book to give as a gift to staff.

John Lester
7 Secrets to Success [ No Rating ] 6 Jul 2006 

by Nicholas Bray
An INSPIRING book from a wise man. Well written and useful it provides helpful tools for all aspects of life. Having had Shane as a mentor exciting doors have opened for me. READ this book and you will receive some powerful and life changing knowledge.
7 Simple Secrets to Success [ No Rating ] 2 Jul 2006 

by Wayne Atkinson
Shane Ellis spoke at the Robina Varsity Chamber OF Commerce breakfast and over 100 people were impressed with the sincerity of his book. Personally I found it easy to read and very fulfilling. The changes are easy and helps do deal with life with a complete new enlightened outlook. A must read for everyone who wants a fresh new approach to life!

by Julia Bennett
This book is very easy to read and understand. The changes are easy to make and work to keep you focussed on your goals! Good perspective in keeping things balanced.
seven simple secrets [ No Rating ] 21 Jun 2006 

by Michael Theo
I found Shanes book to be enlightening with a fresh new approach to dealing with lifes day to day problems, i would recommend the reading of this book to anyone tied down in business
seven simple secrets [ No Rating ] 20 Jun 2006

by Scott Fitzpatrick
i have used this book personally ,and for our business clients as a tool to help engage in a great life, and to get on with it. This book will tune up your body and your mind!  It is so different than other "personal development" books. Not even a chapter on the perennial favourite "positive thinking" Instead its more like a tune up your mind and body manual. And when it's tuned up there is even a chapter on how to switch off and cool down. I fully recommend this book. It is practical, it is useable and the author was a success long before he got in to the personal development industry. I'm sick of these people that make money out of books and seminars about making money when it is the only way they ever have made money. I dont hold the fact that Shane was a lawyer before he was a Human Excellence inspirationalist against him. Just goes to show that there is a decent life after law!

by Carol Drake
If you are interested in making 7 simple changes to the way you 'run' your life this book will provide you with the keys to 'life' success. In a very easy to read book, Shane Ellis conveys the key elements to setting your body and your mind up for success. Most books of this type focus on too much goal setting, or solely on this, that or the other. What I liked about this book is that Shane has taken a wider view and for the first time not only covered his brand of goal setting but mixed it in with some 'high human body performance tricks and techniques' with day start exercises and diet considerations, to provide a real balanced approach to life success. The book is sprinkled with plenty of examples and the writing style is easy for the widest possible readership - from 9 to 99. Well worth a read!

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