HHHmmmmmmmmmmmm????? Have you ever heard the saying, “What you say is what you get!!!!”………….well this is all about manifesting into our life what we are thinking about most of the time……….so let us be mindful of what we are thinking and what we are saying to ensure that the thoughts and the words are supporting what we are seeking in our life.
A classic example of this was delivered to me by the universe this morning……..Good friends of mine from Canada are due to come downunder on business in the near future and I have been following them up by email to see if we can catch up for dinner and some fun times. A stress ridden message arrived out of the internet ether this morning, and included within it the following words…….”This is actually a terrible trip because it is all work and no play”………WOW…….what kind of trip do you think my good friends were going to experience by using those words!!!!!! What a self fulfilling prophecy that could have turned out to be!!!!…………………….so as good friends do, I wrote back suggesting that they “REFRAME” what their trip was going to be like to achieve everything that they want to achieve business wise AND to have a good time when doing it!!!!!
“How do you do that shane? How do you reframe something???”, you may be asking.
It is very simple to reframe something…….all you need to do is change the way you are looking at it and be committed about having the “reframed” outcome you really want to have………..which may as well be a fun filled and enjoyable time rather than a stressful and terrible trip with all work and no play………..and guess what……you are very likely to get exactly what you reframed to get……..because it is now the focus of what you want…….your RAS……..your reticular activating system with all of your sense searching will go looking for what you have reframed!!!!! Using an Action for Success Plan for reframing will also accelerate and accentuate you achieving what you want………….check out my previous BLOGS of the 8th, 11th & 12th days of June for further guidance…………….AND GO AND GET WHAT YOU WANT AND ENJOY IT!!!!! JUST DON’T TAKE WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO BE GIVEN!!!!!!!!


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