Well I really enjoyed the Da Vinci code movie and I called this BLOG "Der Vinci Code",  because a lot of the content of both the book and the movie is actually a matter of historical research for those who have read widely in this area. So from this perspective it is a bit of a "der"!!!!……………..but a really fun one!!!! 

Anyway how do I get a spin on human performance from the movie you may be asking? 

Heaps and heaps of really good guidance is available in all stimuli in life if we look for it. Not just movies but from all interrelations in life. From wherever our senses are sensing from!!!!!! 

A great semi-trailer of sensual impact from a human excellence perspective was when the French detective "Fache" realised that he had been lied to by "Bishop Aringarosa" and changed his view of what was needed to be done for the church and religion in a bat of an eye lid!!!!  WOW talk about a moment to change faith’s eyes’ view. (and about codes…………"Fache" means "angry" in French……cool name for a cop………….and the bishop’s name is a ring around a rosie!!!!!….don’t you love it) 

So, analyse all you can in deeper detail and enjoy life. After all you may make a lot of money doing it, just like the author Dan Brown or the maker of Velcro who took the time to see how a prickle was caught in the loop of a thread in his sock. From his observation he made one part of material hooks and one part of material loops and …………VELCRO was invented.


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