GOAL, set and matched well!!!!!!!! The miracle for relationships!!!!!

“The boss has been a PIG today, the bottom fell out of my share investment, I got booked for speeding, it’s bucketing down with rain………………….and I am about to walk through the front door at my home where my 4, 2 & 1 year olds will run up to me with a huge, ‘ I love you Daddy look’, ” help me shane!!!!!,…………”what can I do?”

How often I get asked similar things to this………and how tuff could it be with a day like that to walk through the family home front door with a smile.  

But…..there is a way…..NLP & Human excellence practitioners call it, “moving from an undesirable state to a desirable state”. Creating a state change within you!!!!! From>>>> Shitty, I am going to kick the cat…………to Hi kids, Daddy’s home with a big smile!!!!!

……….and this is how you do it. We use what is called the THINK>DO>GET map. Where basically, what we think determines what we do determines what we get. The best example I have ever heard was where a worker would “hang up on the tree at his front door all of the crap & stuff that wasn’t pleasant from his day.” He would think about all of the stuff that needed to be hung up and disguarded, he would simply take it off in an imaginary coat of “stuff” and hang it on the tree outside before going into his home, which then determined what his family got………..a happy and pleasing man walking in the front door to his family greetings. THINK>DO>GET.

………..and you know he said the imaginary coat for that day was always hanging out there for him to collect the next morning on his way back out into the working world…………….but he never did. The stuff from the prior day was always gone or much less of importance after a night of rest………………so he just left them there…………….after all, a real tree can carry the weight of many, many, many imaginary coats!!!!!!!!


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I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess

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