I just watched the DVD of the “50 CENT” story with my 15 year old son. Now I am not into rap music, but he wanted me to watch it with him because he really likes rap and also he thought it was a good story.

Well I must admit it was a good story about someone rising over a truckload of adversity to get to where they have in their life. For that I applaud 50 CENT for what he has achieved.

………….and in that there is something special for you too in the world of human excellence and getting to where you want to be in life. 50 CENT never gave up. There was heaps of adversity thrown at him and he never ever gave up…………..and as a result he got to where he wished to be as a rapper, music maker and family man.

That is an exceptional lesson for you too…………..NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!!!!!…………… and you too will achieve what you desire. Sure there may be adversity, and sometimes adversity larger than speed bumps thrown at you……….and if you truly want what you are pursuing you will achieve it…………………just never ever give up.

(Never thought I would ever write a BLOG about 50 CENT or any other rapper for that matter……….so it looks like I too have evolved in this respect!!!!)


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