One of the great projects I get to work on in my Human Excellence Seminar business is called Exceptional Life Exceptional Golf……..which is a seminar that I teach with 2x Australian PGA golf coach of the year Mark Gibson. Exceptional Life Exceptional Golf is also the title of my next book, co-written with Mark Gibson, and due for release in August 2006. The project is fun because it goes beyond teaching someone how to just swing a club and gets into the world of Human Excellence as applied to the world of golf……………and surprise, surprise!!!……to life in general.

One of the points dealt with in both the Exceptional Life Exceptional Golf book and in the 7 Simple Secrets to Success is adopting and using a posture of excellence. We cannot function at our best levels if we do not take the time to give our neurology a head start by standing or sitting upright. Slouching or slumping just doesn’t cut the pace and doesn’t project an image of power and excellence. To us or to others!!!!!

Mark is the coach of the Queensland Junior Golf Team and at the recent National Team Golf Championships the Mark’s team of golfers focussed on posture. Mark instructed the young golfers that one of their goals was to use proper a posture of excellence at all times regardless of whether they were winning their match or not. During the competition Mark was with one of the Queensland players who was teamed against one of the best junior players from another state. The other golfer had just holed out on a par four (a hole that is judged to take 4 shots to hole out in regulation) from his second shot. The Queensland player lost his posture and composure. Mark quietly spoke to him on the side and said to him that if he considered he was beaten to pick up his ball and forfeit the hole. If he was going to give it a go, then he should do it properly, by adopting his posture of excellence and composure again and by playing the rest of the hole as the champion golfer that he was. The young golfer took Mark’s advice, retook his posture of excellence, regathered his composure and struck his ball close to the hole. He easily sunk the put and moved on to the next hole and continued the match as a champion.

The young golfer didn’t win that hole on the score sheet………..but he didn’t lose it in his mind either………and you can do the same in every day life with every challenge that comes along………….choose not to lose your composure………..choose not to lose your posture of excellence and meet all adversity head on……..with pride……with passion……….. and have fun!!!!!!

Have a great day………..now where’s my next challenge????…………….


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