Pressure cooker style or EXPLOSIVE relationshipping!! 

We have all heard the saying that he needs a release, or that pastime gives her sanity back to her. What this ius about is the need for a person to have a release valve just like a pressure cooker does. A pressure cooker bubbles and boils and stemas away, but so that the sealed pressure cooker pot doesn't EXPLODE there is a release valve that lets steam of bit by little bit. There is an easing of pressure rather than a violent explosive reaction.
This is what the Human Animal needs to be able to handle the pressures and stresses of life too. A process to release steam little by little rather than exploding.
For example I have been able to have Fridays as my “me” days for the last number of years. On Fridays I do what I want to do, and study what I want to study, or do activities that interest me. It is my reward to me for all of the effort I put into my family and business interests each and every week. It is my release valve!!!!! Now often people can’t afford to have a full day as their own personal time, so that is fine, what about starting with a personal “me” hour, or couple of hours, to do what you want and use the release valve of all the pressure that life may put you through. You will be more contented and balanced as a result and no doubt you will enjoy it. Why not even pick a new hobby, listen to some new music, or maybe read that book or watch that movie you have been wanting to see. In NLP we call it “content free activity” which gives a lot less intense thinking time and lets you just chill out, balance your life and enjoy it even more. Just choose to go for a walk with the dogs and maybe marvel about the beauty of nature and enjoy the unconditional love that your dog loves to share with you.
I find that by me following the pattern of Friday being my “me” day, I can achieve more in Mondays to Thursdays than I would in a full working week!!!!
 …………………and if you don’t use a gradual release of pressure………….EXPLOSIVE POP!!!!!!!!! Well in NLP we call the human explosion from too much pressure being built up, a “dissipative POP!!!!”……… its extreme people can experience what is often referred to as an emotional breakdown……..and when something is broken down it needs to be rebuilt. In other facets of life if we don’t have the extreme experience of an emotional breakdown we may experience other forms of dissipative POPs……  maybe putting up with a job that you hate until you have had too much and you just don’t go back or you have a major confrontation with your boss or superior and you are fired or you resign………..
…………..and then often looking back and considering the experience and with the gift of hindsight you may think at some time in the future that your POP was a very rewarding experience for you?????


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