Amazing! Simply amazing! The Super 14 Rugby competition concluded last night with the final being televised with a whiteout of fog!!!!!! It was like going back to my childhood days of picture reception hardly being able to be seen because of ghosting on an old black & white picture but there weren’t any ghosts……..just fog! ……Now I am sure the commentators were making it up as they went along because the cameramen couldn’t see much or so the pictures on the screen showed anyway, so no doubt the commentators couldn’t see anything either. 

Did I get mad, scream abuse at the screen and rant & rave? Why would I? This was the very first fog final I had ever not seen!!!!!! I had a beer and enjoyed watching TV like my parents would have listened to televised sport on the radio……no pictures just sound………and I let my imagination run free. 

and the moral to the story is…………………….Every cloud has a silver lining………….. and every fog has a bunch of footballers still running around in it somewhere in my mind.


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