Being a Human Animal some days the matter from heaven for BLOGS is right before me and on other days it is often hiding, a little clouded or………………..do I dare say,………….STUCK!!!!! 

"So what does one do when stuck?", you are probably pondering. "The answer is clear as the long and pointed nose on my face", Cirino Deberserac would no doubt say!!!! We simply get "UNSTUCK" by doing things differently, going around the stuck part, under it, through it or……. however or whatever works for you. 

Let me give you an example………my long time PA & friend Sally would sometimes say to me that she had forgotten someone’s name and that no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t remember it. Push, push, push with her mind and she was getting nowhere. Then I suggested that she politely ask herself to recall the name, and in the interim she just go about her normal daily chores/work/tasks, and see what happens………Well off she went, and within the first half an hour in pops the name into her head when she was doing something else!!!!! …….and then most important part!!!! I asked her to thank herself for recalling the name,….. which she did. She has since continued to use this tool to recall……….to get UNSTUCK………and it works every time. 

Scientist’s say that we forget nothing that happens in our life, but so we don’t go crazy our conscious mind hides a lot of what it has perceived as the irrelevant stuff from our memory……………..otherwise think about all that is around us going on in this world every moment of every day being right there at the forefront of our thoughts………….traffic, sirens,noise, sounds, smells, etc, etc, etc…………scary stuff!!!!!! Now , taking this line of thinking a little further, so that our mind knows what we consider to be important, we simply tell it, ask for the information to be recalled, …….and often it is when we trust in ourself and let our mind have a little space. 

Trust yourself, work slowly with this technique and ensure that you thank yourself, or even better reward yourself, every time what you are seeking is recalled by you.


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